What is csgotopsites?

CsgoTopSites is a site list for Counter Strike: Global offensive (CS:GO) that ranks sites by user votes.

How do I add my site to the list?

To add a site you must first login through steam. Once you have done so log in, go to your profile on 'My own sites' section and click the 'add my site' button and enter the site details (Name, URL, Upload logo, Category and Description).

or if your site is already listed click on 'I'm the owner of listed site' to give you Admin permissions

You can only add a site if you are the owner, you need upload a simple script (PHP) to your website and verify that! (automatic system)

How ranking works?

All sites shown on our top are ranked by the number of Unique Votes received in last 30 days. Those with more votes get a higher rank and usually receive more visitors.

Why has my site been deleted?

CsgoTopSites.com reserves the right to delete any site from the list with or without prior notice. A site may be removed for a number of reasons including (but not limited to) suspicious voting activity, inappropriate site details etc..

What are sponsored sites?

Sponsored sites are sites that have purchased a slot above the main list on the homepage. Sponsored sites slots are auctioned off on a fortnightly basis and the 5 sites are ordered by the value of the bid. For more information please see the sponsored sites page.

My question has not been answered.

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